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Junk Removal

Junk removal services offer you peace of mind when de-cluttering your home, remodeling your office, or preparing your property for moving. Junk removal and trash hauling are much more than a standard garbage pickup; it involves professionals taking care of your unwanted items and disposing of them in a safe and efficient manner. While you will need to take care of dumping all the trash when going with a dumpster rental service, you do not have to lift a finger when hiring junk removal companies. Just inform them what items you want to get rid of, and sit back and relax or do your regular chores as they deal with the trash removal.

We at Junk Removal Philadelphia can haul away all kinds of unwanted junk from your property. Our experts have years of experience in handling junk removal jobs for residential and commercial properties. We can help you with clearing out the junk from your garage, preparing your rental property for the

next tenants, taking care of construction debris removal, and anything else that involves junk pick up and junk hauling. We also offer light demolition and debris removal services to help ease the stress when renovating your home or business property.

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What We Do

Junk Removal Philadelphia is one of the most trusted trash removal companies in the city and its surrounding area. Once you have decided which items to discard, our professionals will take the unwanted items from your property outside, load them into the junk removal truck, and haul it away for recycling or disposal. 

We follow Eco-friendly policies to dispose of all kinds of junk so that it does not harm the environment by any means. Our team will also see if any item that you no longer need can still be used and donate it to a charity as applicable. In any case, you can count on us for clearing out years of junk and unnecessary items from your home or commercial establishment in the most appropriate manner.

Our trained professionals will make sure that your valuable possessions are safe and are not damaged in any way when we remove the junk from your property. You can hire us for junk removal and haul away service for all types of properties, be it an individual home, apartment building, storage unit, warehouse, estate, shopping mall, hospital, school, or any kind of business establishment. We can also help you with construction debris removal, taking care of yard waste, appliances and electronics removal, furniture removal, miscellaneous rubbish removal, and more.

Our Services


Residential Junk Removal

We will donate or recycle the items as per your needs or dispose of the junk following green practices and approved methods. You get the highest level of professionalism as well as a 100% commitment to fast and efficient service by hiring our junk hauling company. Our Residential junk removal services are designed to give you an easy solution for clearing out the clutter from your home and hauling away unwanted junk. 


Commercial Junk Removal

We offer wide-ranging commercial junk removal services to businesses of all sizes and types. You can schedule the cleanup regularly as per your convenience or call us for a one-time clean-out to get rid of the junk from your business property. Be it removing old office furniture or complete clean-out of your warehouse, our crew-members can handle all your junk removal requirements to provide exceptional value for your Commercial property.


Property Clean Out

Junk Removal Philadelphia offers you the best rubbish removal solutions to turn your property into a safe and functional space. Our junk pick up and trash hauling experts will clear out the entire Property clean out in the least turnaround time so that you can start using it for your intended purposes promptly. You can even hire us for one-off jobs like attic clean outs, remodeling and construction debris removal, garage clean outs, and more.


Demolition and Debris Removal

Our extensive expertise and affordable rates allow us to deliver exceptional services to meet your varied needs. You can hire us for full and partial demolition works, garage demolition, shed removal, concrete slab removal, construction site cleanup, counter top removal, carpet and flooring removal, and more. We provide quick and efficient Demolition and debris removal services to residents and business owners in and around Philadelphia, regardless of the scope of the project. 

Junk Removal Philadelphia can take care of almost anything, so feel free to contact us and get a no-obligation quote for removing the unnecessary junk from your home or business property. We are a fully licensed and insured trash hauling service provider, and we have all the essential equipment and resources to deal with any type of junk removal job. Get in touch with us now!


I was looking for junk haulers near me when I came across Junk Removal Philadelphia. They gave me a very reasonable estimate for junk pick up, which was much less than what other trash removal companies had offered. The work was done very smoothly as well. I recommend Junk Removal Philadelphia to all those who want fast and affordable hauling services near me.
Felix Houston
We hired Junk Removal Philadelphia to get rid of the old furniture from our ancestral home. Their project manager was very polite and informative, and he coordinated with the team to take care of the furniture removal very quickly. His team also did demo work in the bathrooms and kitchen. We will surely hire Junk Removal Philadelphia again. A 5-star pleasant experience indeed!
Cheyenne Dakota
I have hired many junk removal companies to clean out my office over the years but never found anyone to be as affordable and prompt as Junk Removal Philadelphia. I have been working with them for the past couple of years now and they have always exceeded my expectations. Totally recommended for professional office cleanout and rubbish removal.
Jim Delgado


What Do Junk Haulers Do with the Junk?

Most of the junk removal companies recycle the majority of scrap materials. If recycling is not a viable option, such as for plant matter or heavy metals, then the junk removal service provider will safely dispose of the trash items. The junk hauling company will also make sure that disposing of the trash does not affect the environment but end up in a landfill. Sometimes, the items collected by junk removal service providers are also donated to a non-profit organization if they are still in a functional condition.

How Do I Get Rid of Junk in My Garage?

It is seen that garages become filled up with junk quickly and limit its functionality. To get rid of the junk and unwanted items from your garage, you need to categorize them first. This way, you can see which of the items can be kept for future use, which ones can be sold or donated, and which ones you should discard immediately. When you have the list ready, call junk removal services to clear out the unwanted items from your garage. You can also ask them to donate the ones as you planned. Then install a few shelves or cabinets in the garage and properly organize the other items.

How Much Does it Cost to Haul Off Junk?

Trash removal companies may charge anywhere between $50 and $800 to haul away the junk from your property. Some junk removal companies have a minimum rate for a specific number of items and then charge extra per additional item. However, this will vary from junk pick up provider to provider. Note that the costs will also depend upon the type of junk and not just its quantity. For instance, trash hauling for hazardous materials will much cost more than furniture removal and other similar jobs.

Why Hire Junk Removal Services?

There are many valid reasons for hiring a professional junk removal service. For one, they have expert crewmen with years of expertise to take care of the job safely and efficiently. Besides, trash removal companies will also have the proper equipment to clean out the junk and debris from your property. Trying to take care of junk removal all by yourself can be very dangerous and can even lead to injuries if you need to get rid of bulky items. Junk hauling can be a lot time-consuming too, which is why it should be left to professionals. Moreover, they also know how to dispose of your unwanted items safely.

How Do you Get Rid of Furniture When Moving?

If you are moving to a new place, and do not want to take the old large furniture with you, then you should either try to sell it or giving it to a friend. You can also call a junk hauling service provider to donate the furniture to a charity in the neighborhood. If the furniture is too old to be reused or is damaged, then the haul away service provider will recycle it as applicable. If even that is not a practical option, then the professional service provider will haul it to a landfill.

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Hey, we know it can be tough to find the right junk removal company. We’re here for you- our customers in Philadelphia and outlying areas! We service all of Philly, as well as these other nearby communities:

Drexel Hill (19026)
Glenside (19038)
Prospect Park (19076)
Ardmore (19003)
Jenkintown (19046)
Bristol (19007)
Bensalem (19020)
Feasterville Trevose (19053)
Abington (19001)
We provide junk removal and junk hauling services in the following Zip Codes. 19111, 19124, 19135, 19149, 19152, 19114, 19115, 19116, 19136, 19154.

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If you have been searching for “junk haulers near me” for quite some time, then look no further. Junk Removal Philadelphia is here to offer you the best junk pick up and trash hauling services for the most affordable costs. All you need to do is tell us what to clear out and let our professionals deal with the junk effectively and responsibly. Call us now for a free estimate!

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