Residential Junk Removal

Junk Removal Philadelphia

If you find your home filled with unused items and feel that there is not much space that you can use, then it is time to de-clutter your house. It could be a pile of useless items in the garage or some old furniture in the living room, which you no longer require. No matter what causes the clutter, you should hire Junk Removal Philadelphia as soon as you see that it has started to affect the appeal and functionality of your home.

Our full-service residential junk removal services are designed to help you purge the unwanted items from your home. Whether you are de-cluttering your home as part of your spring-cleaning chores or need to get rid of the junk before moving to a new place, our team can help you to stay well organized always. Once you have made up your mind on what to dispose of, let our professionals take care of getting it out of your home. We at Junk Removal Philadelphia are committed to making de-cluttering and trash removal easy for all homeowners in the neighborhood.


Furniture Removal

We offer quick and convenient furniture removal services to haul away the furniture items in your home that you do not need anymore. You can hire us for getting rid of all kinds of unwanted junk furniture, be it a single chair, a large bulky couch, or anything else. We will take your old furniture from wherever it is in your home and recycle or donate it for you as required.

Appliance Removal

We can help to remove all types of old appliances from your home, be it your old dishwasher, oven, or refrigerator. Most home appliances are heavy and need special caution when moving. Our professional crewmembers will follow all the safety protocols to handle the items correctly and properly dispose of the old appliances for you. We also follow eco-friendly junk disposal methods to ensure that your unwanted appliances do not harm the environment.

Home Remodeling Junk Removal

We provide comprehensive home remodeling cleanup services to make sure that you can complete the project on time and without having to worry about the debris piling up in your property. You can hire us to take care of any kind of trash when renovating your home, be it removing the old bathroom cabinets, taking out kitchen flooring and countertops, tearing down of walls, or dismantling bedroom closets.

Moving Junk Removal

We can help to responsibly dispose of all the unwanted items when you are moving out so that the transition process becomes less overwhelming for you. Our team will get the job done quickly and help you focus on packing the essential items to take with you to your next home. You can also consult with our experts for a moving checklist to make the cleanup simpler.

Aside from these, we also provide residential junk removal services like bulky items removal, yard waste removal, basement cleanout, attic cleanout, garage cleanout, mattress removal, carpet removal, hot tub removal, home electronics recycling, and more. Junk Removal Philadelphia is here to make the trash hauling process simple and stress-free for you. Get in touch with us now for a no-obligation, free estimate!

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